Welcome to the Hutchinson Clinic Healthy Connection wellness program!

Healthy Connection is a worksite wellness program designed to help companies promote healthy living practices.  The medical professionals at the Hutchinson Clinic are committed to partnering with businesses in Hutchinson and surrounding communities to help identify health risks and improve the overall wellness of the local work force.


Healthy employees are happier, more productive, and help create an energetic, successful work environment.  Studies have consistently confirmed that businesses who invest in the health and wellness of their employees will have a positive return on their investment.



Biometric Screening  

Onsite Biometric Screening is a short confidential health examination designed to assist employees in becoming more aware of their health habits, risks and strengths. It also gives the employer baseline data that can be used to shape a worksite wellness program. 

·         Blood Pressure

·         Total Cholesterol

·         Triglycerides

·         HDL

·         LDL

·         Fasting Blood Glucose

·         Body Composition (BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Height, Weight, and Waist Circumference)

Biometric Screening is done onsite and scheduling can be arranged to accommodate any shift. Our online appointment system makes scheduling your biometric screens as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse. During your event our Wellness team will collect data and a Phlebotomist will complete a blood draw on each employee. Each screen takes approximately 7-10 minutes. The employee’s health information will be processed and delivered to them confidentially in a personalized easy to understand booklet within 7 days of the screen. Biometric Screening is a great first step towards implementing a wellness program that will impact both employee satisfaction and company healthcare costs.  

Customizable Online Health Management

Giving employees the ability to track wellness goals online gives them the power to take their health into their own hands. The Working Well Together online portal allows employees to:

·         View Biometric Screen Results

·         Track Exercise

·         Log Preventative Visits

·         Complete a Health Risk Assessment

·         Access Information on smoking cessation, nutrition, emotional wellness, and other topics

The website is completely customizable and will be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Members also enjoy weekly newsletters and discounts on local activities.


If your business is ready to explore a new wellness program, or if you want to enhance your current program please contact us today for a demonstration and discussion of how we can help.